The purpose of this site is to promote and offer my services as a trumpet player and instructor.

Why the trumpet?

There so many instruments to choose from. Yet, why is it you cannot stop thinking about the trumpet? It is so pretty, isn't it? Yep; I know the feeling.

To me, it seems like I had no choice. Being born in Haiti, I was raised listening to Chicago, Maurice Andre, and musicals styles like Soca, Merengue and Kompa, all heavy with brass sounds. From the walls of sounds coming at me, the sound of the trumpet stood out. Soca and Merengue music really brought it out. From the only station that played just one hour of classical music, every time they would play brass quintet music, it would hypnotize me for the whole day. The sound of the trumpet would never leave my brain for days. 

After I started to practice, even the hard stuff did not phase me, just like it didn't phase you. It feels like we were made for each other, the trumpet and I. Love at first sound!  Somehow, choosing an instrument feels like choosing a soulmate. To me, that instrument expressed what I felt. Its shape, its sound, and timbre matched the sound in my mind. The literature of the the trumpet also fascinated me. It didn't matter if it was a Mozart symphony, or the Firebird suite.

 Music's power is overwhelming at times. The intricate complexities of its dominion take hold of our lives, and appease our quest for answers and fulfillment. In my case, the trumpet is the answer, whether I play it at a high level or not. 

Keep on tooting amigos! :)

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