The purpose of this site is to promote and offer my services as a trumpet player and instructor.

Warm Up!

All musicians and athletes know what these two words mean. It is the condition that allows us maximum output for whatever field we specialize in. For instrumentalist, readiness can be more mental than physical. That mental readiness can be establishedwith good physical and mental routines that helps us maintain a relaxed disposition during playing.

We are all different, mentally and physiologically. Their concepts can get us started. But each player has to find what works for him/her. We have different strengths and weaknesses. Some of us can play high, others can play fast. Our conception of sound and how to attain and express musicality is different.

Clark, Smith and Arban provide exercises that helped them achieve readiness and derivatives of these. They were teachers. Therefore they came up with models that may help students. We, as individuals, should use them as guidelines and tailor them to meet our needs. Ultimately, like them, we can conceive exercises that suit us perfectly.

Maintaining as much relaxation as possible during warm up is always my goal. What is yours?

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